With God All Things Are Possible

To this widow, who is suffering with injuries from an auto accident years ago, this vehicle represents financial stability as her source of income.  As a driver for a ride-hailing service, this generously donated car is not only a blessing to her but to the members of her small community that do not have access […]

Single Mom with Twins Is Blessed with a Car

We amazed and blessed this single mom, with 8-year-old twins and an adult child living at home, with a car. As an added blessing, several members of her church family with the Woodlands Methodist Church, along with her pastor and many of our volunteers were able to share in her joy as we prayed, in […]

Single Mom Looking toward the Future and God’s Plan For Her Life

We gifted this vehicle to a single mother of four who acknowledges that she lost everything through a series of bad choices and a troubled relationship. Her story is one to remind us that our past does NOT define our future and that God has a divine plan for our lives. We would like to […]


For our client, receiving this vehicle will help her get back and forth to work, college and to her son’s medical appointments. As a young, single mom, with a small child, who has a medical condition, times have been hard without transportation. This vehicle restores her independence; she no longer has to rely on others […]

God Can Do So Much More than We Could Ever Ask or Imagine

For our client receiving this vehicle was such a blessing to her, the elderly mother she cares for and for her daughter. Our client is a widow who originally applied with us for vehicle repairs. Unfortunately, her vehicle was beyond repair, and she was recently gifted with this car. Before receiving this vehicle, she faced […]

The Key to This Vehicle Represents Another Steppingstone to a Brighter Future

This divorced, single mother is raising two children and one grandchild and has been doing so without her own personal vehicle. Like many of the ladies we help, life without a car is challenging and devising a system to get around is difficult. She feels blessed and thankful for her two adult children who have […]

Widow Who Weathered Many Storms

Our client is a widow, mother of four, grandmother of eleven and great grandmother of eighteen. She sought help from God’s Garage when she fell on hard financial times after her vehicle’s transmission went out. Being without a ride has been difficult not only because of the struggle with taking care of basic necessities and […]

Grandmother Raising Three Grandchildren

Our client is a single grandmother who is blessed with raising and caring for three of her grandchildren. She sought help from God’s Garage when her vehicle’s transmission decided to call it quits after 206,000 miles. Without a vehicle and raising three grandchildren on her own, she has faced challenging times trying to get a […]

I’ve Always Wanted a Crockpot

Our client, a single mother of one 3 ½ month old son, lives at Journey Home and attends Restoration Church Woodforest. She is working while attending school and trying her best without a vehicle. The vehicle she had was broken down and she has been blessed to have support and help getting rides to work, […]

Mom of Three

Last week, in collaboration with Little Flock Church, we gifted a single mom of three, with newborn twins and a 2-year-old, this great van that is perfect for her family. At 13, this young lady and her family lost their home, and it has been a difficult journey to stay afloat through homelessness. Struggling through […]