Ashli’s Story

Ashli’s Story Ashli heard about God’s Garage from a lady at the shelter where she was living with her children.  She promptly applied on December 26, 2018. Ashli’s journey has been a very difficult one but also an inspiring one.  In October 2019, Ashli attended the required seminar. She shared that she had stage 3 [...]

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Teressa’s Story

Teressa’s Story Teressa is a strong and amazing single mother of three. When she was just 19 years old, she was a volunteer firefighter with a promising career.  She shared how much she really enjoyed it. Unfortunately, after making some bad choices she found herself in a bad situation with two children, one on the [...]

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Latisha’s Story

Latisha applied to God’s Garage March 4, 2018. She is a single mom of 3. She moved to Conroe to be closer to family after her divorce and start a new life. She found a job at Krogers and worked her way up to floor manager. She had been depending on co-workers and uber to [...]

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