Widow Who Weathered Many Storms

Our client is a widow, mother of four, grandmother of eleven and great grandmother of eighteen. She sought help from God’s Garage when she fell on hard financial times after her vehicle’s transmission went out. Being without a ride has been difficult not only because of the struggle with taking care of basic necessities and […]

Grandmother Raising Three Grandchildren

Our client is a single grandmother who is blessed with raising and caring for three of her grandchildren. She sought help from God’s Garage when her vehicle’s transmission decided to call it quits after 206,000 miles. Without a vehicle and raising three grandchildren on her own, she has faced challenging times trying to get a […]

I’ve Always Wanted a Crockpot

Our client, a single mother of one 3 ½ month old son, lives at Journey Home and attends Restoration Church Woodforest. She is working while attending school and trying her best without a vehicle. The vehicle she had was broken down and she has been blessed to have support and help getting rides to work, […]

Mom of Three

Last week, in collaboration with Little Flock Church, we gifted a single mom of three, with newborn twins and a 2-year-old, this great van that is perfect for her family. At 13, this young lady and her family lost their home, and it has been a difficult journey to stay afloat through homelessness. Struggling through […]

His Perfect Timing

It’s such a beautiful thing to experience God answering our prayers in His perfect timing! Last week we gifted our client, a single mother of three boys, with this ’05 Honda Odyssey. This lady struggled through some turbulent relationships, and she was left with nothing. Additionally, the last several months she has been grieving over […]

Mother and Daughter

Last week we gifted this single mother of one with this reliable car. What a #Blessing for this lady and her young daughter! We would like to thank Family Promise of Lake Houston and The Seed of Calvary for helping us positively transform this lady’s life! She has been struggling since moving to Houston without […]

Hundreds with Uber

Our client was at risk of losing her job of 9 years, due to lack of transportation and she felt completely out of control and stressed every day without any way to make her situation better on her own. She was paying hundreds of dollars a week for Uber transportation to get to and from […]

Muffins with Mom

This single mother of four wonderful kids, one boy and three girls, has been under an extreme amount of stress about losing her job, because she did not have reliable transportation to get back and forth from work. With the vehicle she was gifted last week, we were able to help this lady ease the burden […]

Mother, College Student, Raising Sibling

We gifted this single mother of two, who is raising her own child and a sibling, with this reliable ride last week. This lady is a college student, who is working part time to pay bills and provide for her two children. She comes to us for assistance, because her vehicle stopped working over a […]

Holena’s Story

Holena’s Story Holenna has raised 30 children in her lifetime, with 5 still at home with her now. Yes, you read that correctly, 30 children including her own! She began taking in children at the age of 19. It broke her heart to see innocent children be a victim of their parents’ poor choices. Instead […]