DeDe’s Story


God’s Garage was overjoyed to be able to give a vehicle at our 3rd Annual BBQ Cookoff November 21, 2020. DeDe has been on our waiting list for a very long time, and while she was patiently waiting God was strengthening her heart and working miracles in her life. She fled a very difficult situation with her three children and had to relocate from shelter to shelter for her safety.

While she was in God’s waiting room, this special lady began piecing her life back together and she even reconnected with her mother. She has been working cleaning commercial buildings and has utilized Uber to get her to the various office buildings to work. This has been a very costly and inconvenient way for her to get her job done, and this vehicle will make getting to and from work, while transporting her supplies, much more convenient and affordable.

DeDe was so surprised and moved when she received her vehicle, and it was so wonderful that her Mother was able to be there by her side during the gifting.

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