Latisha applied to God’s Garage March 4, 2018. She is a single mom of 3.

She moved to Conroe to be closer to family after her divorce and start a new life. She found a job at Krogers and worked her way up to floor manager.

She had been depending on co-workers and uber to take her to work and back. She managed to save enough to purchase a used vehicle.

In Sept 2019 Tropical Storm Almeda flooded her car. The insurance covered the payoff leaving very little left over. There was not enough to replace her car. She was able to rent a vehicle with the little extra money she had left over from insurance.

God’s Garage requires its clients to come to a one day Saturday seminar. At the seminar, they learn life skills such as parenting, how to save money, interviewing skills etc. After the seminar is completed and once a vehicle is ready to gift, we ask the client to come back for an informal interview. That is when we gift the vehicle. Latisha told me during that interview there was no more funds to cover the rental vehicle she was using. She had to turn it in the day after she was gifted her vehicle from God’s Garage.

Our God in heaven is amazing!