Grandmother Raising Three Grandchildren


Our client is a single grandmother who is blessed with raising and caring for three of her grandchildren. She sought help from God’s Garage when her vehicle’s transmission decided to call it quits after 206,000 miles. Without a vehicle and raising three grandchildren on her own, she has faced challenging times trying to get a ride to the grocery store or medical appointments.

On the day of the gifting our client’s niece drove her to God’s Garage to receive her vehicle. Her niece shared with us that her aunt has a heart for giving and gives to everyone. She took care of her mother before she passed away, cared for her sister when she was ill and is raising three grandchildren all on her own.

This 2010 Mitsubishi Endeavor is going to radically change her life. It will be a huge relief to have transportation and not have the fear of breaking down with three children in tow.

In this season of her life, God has provided resources when she needed it the most, just like when she received this vehicle from God’s Garage. God’s provision comes in so many different forms, whether it’s a physical need, a friendship, a meal or daily scripture.

Our client’s niece went on to share that her aunt scheduled a spot for her and the grandchildren to go camping over a long holiday weekend, and she was worried about how they would get there. This vehicle was the ticket to getting them there!

Through our life skills seminar, she had the opportunity to connect with other ladies who are facing the same struggles that she is going through. During the vehicle gifting, our client met Brandy, the outreach minister at Restoration Church Woodforest, and learned that they would be camping at the same park on the same weekend. And get this, Brandy’s kids are the exact same ages as our client’s grandkids! The ladies exchanged phone numbers and made plans to meet up during their camping weekend. Wow, God really does weave all the intricate details of our lives for the greater good!

A shout out of thanks goes out to Zeke’s inspections plus for sponsoring this vehicle gifting and helping us make a positive impact in this lady’s life!

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