Holena’s Story

Holena’s Story Holenna has raised 30 children in her lifetime, with 5 still at home with her now. Yes, you read that correctly, 30 children including her own! She began taking in children at the age of 19. It broke her heart to see innocent children be a victim of their parents’ poor choices. Instead of letting these children go into foster care with a stranger, she decided to take legal guardianship and raise the children alone. Holenna kept in contact with a few of the children’s parents and would even take those children to see their natural parents, even if it meant having to rent a car to do so. Holenna comes from a generation past that instilled the values of treating your neighbor’s children as your own and stepping in and helping where needed. She does not own a car or live near a bus line. She must walk several miles to the nearest bus stop. It has been a huge struggle for her getting all of these young children (15, 5, 3-year-old twins and 4-month-old baby), some with health issues, to the grocery store, school and even church with no help. The minivan God’s Garage gifted Holenna will truly be life changing in every possible way. One of our team members had the opportunity to speak with some of the adults, that Holenna raised as children, and they had wonderful things to say about this amazing woman, including they would not be where they are today if it wasn’t for Holenna stepping in to fill in the gap and help raise them. Holenna’s story is a reminder to us all that this world is filled with good people with good hearts who are the hands and feet of Jesus Christ. We would like to thank Key Safety and the donor of this minivan for helping make this lady’s life just a little bit easier to continue to step in the gap, care for others and spread love in this world.

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