Hundreds with Uber


Our client was at risk of losing her job of 9 years, due to lack of transportation and she felt completely out of control and stressed every day without any way to make her situation better on her own. She was paying hundreds of dollars a week for Uber transportation to get to and from work, and it left her with less than $200 per week for all of the rest of her expenses. This put our client in a position with very little money to buy basic necessities, like groceries, and she continued to get behind on all of her bills.

This Ford SUV we gifted her will allow our client to save money on Uber costs and she will have funds to catch up on every expense she has gotten behind on while having to pay the expensive transportation services fees in order to keep her job.

She is very thankful to God and God’s Garage for helping get her life back. To be able to participate in our life skills training seminar, she shared, “It was a blessing. Was so needed. It was refreshing and moving-so awesome.”

We are so grateful to Roadway Lube Plus, LLC for their continued support of our ministry and for helping us change this lady’s life by sponsoring this vehicle gifting.

There is another beautiful story behind the scenes of this gifting. All of these giftings begin with the kindness and generosity of donors who donate their vehicles to our organization so that we may help single mothers, widows and wives of deployed military. This vehicle was donated by one of our volunteers, Laurie, and her husband. Laurie began volunteering with us earlier this year and serves on our seminar and vetting teams. She so deeply believes in this ministry that donating their vehicle here was just a given for them. We are also sharing a picture of Laurie and her family when they originally purchased the vehicle. Laurie, we appreciate you and thank you for your continued support!

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