I’ve Always Wanted a Crockpot


Our client, a single mother of one 3 ½ month old son, lives at Journey Home and attends Restoration Church Woodforest. She is working while attending school and trying her best without a vehicle. The vehicle she had was broken down and she has been blessed to have support and help getting rides to work, but it has been hard not being able to see family and take care of all the other necessities, outside of traveling to and from work.

This 2006 Lexus will afford her the opportunity to see family, which she has not seen in over a year. She will be able to get her infant son to daycare and she no longer has to worry about how she will get to the grocery store when she runs out of groceries. Simple drives to the park with her son are no longer a dream, but a reality.

Her church family has been an incredible support system throughout her challenging times. Restoration Church is one of our regular supporters, and the outreach minister there is Brandy. The Director of Journey Home is Brandy’s mother.

Several members of Restoration’s ministry team were scheduled to be at God’s Garage on the day of this vehicle gifting. We did not have any of this information prior to our planned gifting and were not able to connect all of these dots until everything was scheduled.

Folks, we share all these tiny details, because we can’t fathom how this is all just coincidence. God is amazing with the way he unites our stories with others for His glory.

A great big thank you goes out to Restoration Church Woodforest and their ministry team for supporting our organization and sponsoring this vehicle gifting. We appreciate you all helping us make a difference in this single mother’s life!

We would like to thank the ladies’ group from Conroe Church of Christ as well for providing our client and all of the attendees at our monthly life skills seminar with a crock pot. Our client shared with us, “I’ve always wanted a crockpot!” During the seminar she learned budgeting skills and she expressed to us that she has put the tips to work, and it has changed the way she views money.

We thank God for all of these blessings that were sent from above!

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