Life Skills Training

Our vision is more expansive than just gifting vehicles- it empowers with life skills!

Doing So Much More than Repairing and Gifting Vehicles

We provide an anchor of hope for clients who are lacking a solid support system while facing vehicle problems, isolation and financial insecurity.

Empowering Under-Resourced Ladies and Their Children

God’s Garage is a faith-based nonprofit corporation, and through our ministry we are changing the lives of single mothers, widows and wives of deployed military with your assistance and God’s love.

Throughout the years, as we have listened to our clients’ needs, our vision of gifting vehicles has changed and expanded. Many of the women we support feel all alone, inadequate and scared all while trying to be fearless and self-sufficient. Today, we have grown to expand our support to these ladies spiritually, emotionally and economically by providing them with life skills training to help them be successful.

Providing Clients with Life Skills Training for a Brighter Future

When we host our monthly seminars for the single mothers, widows and wives of deployed military we serve, we embrace the opportunity to remind each woman in attendance that God sees her and loves her. During this time, the ladies have an opportunity to bond with one another as well as our volunteer seminar leaders. They walk away inspired, with added resources, knowing they are not facing challenging times all by themselves.

A beautiful part of our ministry is that we get to witness these women connect with other ladies that are struggling in similar situations and they realize they are not all alone and find a support system with one another. We reach out to pray for, encourage, inspire, empower and love these ladies, while our community of volunteers and other clients share valuable resources to give these women hope for a brighter future.

Mission Possible- Positively Impact Future Generations

It is our mission to set these ladies up for success, far beyond relieving the burden of transportation issues. When they seek assistance from our organization, we also provide spiritual guidance and life skills training to make sure they are set up for future growth so that they can take care of their families and make a lasting impact for generations. We are thrilled to be a part of their success story!

Our organization operates and thrives with the continued support of our amazing volunteer family. There are so many opportunities for you to share your God-given gifts with others. We can always use an extra set of hands at the garage, in our office, from home and during our monthly seminars.

Help Make A Difference

Join our team of volunteers and positively impact the lives of single mothers, widows & wives of deployed military.

Inspiring Independence and Providing Valuable Resources for Success

At God’s Garage, we are providing these under-resourced women with reliable vehicles and quality auto repairs so that they are able to go back to school, secure employment and care for their families. In addition to providing them with transportation and before handing over car keys, we also provide these ladies with life skills in the areas of budgeting, single parenting, interviewing and basic vehicle maintenance to empower them to be self-sufficient and independent after they receive their vehicle or auto repairs.

The Needs Keep Growing and Our Vision is Expanding

As a faith-based ministry predominately run by volunteers, we rely heavily on donors to help us bridge the troubled times in these ladies’ lives. By empowering these women with reliable transportation and useful life skills training, we are positively impacting their families for generations. As we continue to expand and the list of women that require our help continues to grow, we need your support for God’s Garage to carry on and make a positive impact in the lives of the ladies we serve and their families!

Additional Ways You Can Support Our Ministry

Make a monetary donation toward our vehicle repair expenses and training.

We would love to have you become a part of our ministry and family here at God’s Garage. If you are interested in supporting our mission and would like more information, please contact us today!


Help further the impact of God’s Garage throughout Houston in 2022. Together, we can give the gift of restored freedom to women in need and alter generations to come!