Mother, College Student, Raising Sibling


We gifted this single mother of two, who is raising her own child and a sibling, with this reliable ride last week. This lady is a college student, who is working part time to pay bills and provide for her two children. She comes to us for assistance, because her vehicle stopped working over a year ago and since then she has been without transportation. On a college student’s budget, it has been tough to save for a car and life, without transportation, has been very hard.

This vehicle provides a basic means that will allow this single mom and her children to get around and take care of their essential needs. Additionally, getting to and from work and school will be so much easier for this lady.

With God as her savior and the empowering resources she received during our monthly life skills seminar, she has the newfound confidence that anything is possible.

We would like to thank The Crossing Church for sponsoring this vehicle gifting. We appreciate you supporting our ministry and the ladies we serve!

This young lady’s testimony is why we continue to do what we do here at God’s Garage. Thank you goes out to the donor of the vehicle and all of the generous donors that continue to support our ministry and the single mothers, widows and wives of deployed military we help.

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