Muffins with Mom

This single mother of four wonderful kids, one boy and three girls, has been under an extreme amount of stress about losing her job, because she did not have reliable transportation to get back and forth from work.
With the vehicle she was gifted last week, we were able to help this lady ease the burden of transportation and free her from worrying about losing her job. These are real concerns the single mothers, widows and wives of deployed military we help face every single day. It’s not only these types of burdens that they are facing but also the things that so many of us take for granted, like being able to take part in events at her childrens’ schools. Right before the gifting, our client’s daughter asked if she would be able to pick them up from school and attend Muffins with Mom. Originally our client told her daughter she would not be able to attend, because of the lack of transportation. This mom is thrilled that her family will not have to ride the Metro any longer and that she will be able to attend her kids’ activities now.
Through our monthly life skills seminar, she gained valuable resources and tools that taught her ways to save. Along with the vehicle she was gifted, we have helped to empower this lady and her family for a brighter future.
We would like to extend our gratitude to WoodsEdge Community Church for supporting us and helping us change this single mom and her childrens’ lives with the vehicle gifting!

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