Widow Who Weathered Many Storms


Our client is a widow, mother of four, grandmother of eleven and great grandmother of eighteen. She sought help from God’s Garage when she fell on hard financial times after her vehicle’s transmission went out. Being without a ride has been difficult not only because of the struggle with taking care of basic necessities and medical appointments but she has also often had to miss attending church.

God has been with this lady as she has weathered many storms throughout her life. She is grateful for His love, and she is now a minister of the word of God to others. During this difficult season in her life, she felt so blessed by God’s provision in every area that she needed, including receiving this car from God’s Garage.

In her own words, “… I’m so very grateful to God for God’s Garage. God’s Word is true and faithful. In Philippians 4:19, God says he will supply all our needs, he does just that through people like Justin, Chery and Jason. Thank you for obeying God to see and meet the needs of countless, single moms, widows and military wives. I’m forever grateful for you guys. May the blessings of God overtake you all in every way.”

Our client shared with us that this vehicle is empowering her and giving her independence. It is our heart’s desire to see the women we help regain their independence, experience the love of God and gain skills that set them up for a brighter future.

A great big thank you goes out to Lone Star Cowboy Church for sponsoring this vehicle gifting and helping us ease the burden of transportation for this widowed mother, grandmother and great grandmother!

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