Restore U

Beyond the gift of transportation, God’s Garage offers Restore U seminars to the women we serve with the prayer that the God of HOPE will fill each one

Through testimonies, scripture and music each seminar is infused with the truth of God’s Word and Jesus’ love for them

Our clients are:

  • Surrounded by the love and support of women who have been through similar situations and triumphed over them
  • Reminded that they are not alone, and given opportunities to interact with others that are living in situations similar to their own 
  • Taught some of the basics of financial management and job seeking and interviewing


Before they leave the seminar they are:

  • Introduced to Bible studies and curricula that help them learn how to manage their finances and begin to set healthy boundaries 
  • Connected to ministries, studies and counseling services that can come beside them as they walk through life as a single mother or a widow


After leaving the seminar each one is: 

  • Offered individual ongoing financial coaching, opportunities to be a part of an online single mom ministry and contacted for any additional prayer needs

Psalm 3:3 - But you, LORD, are a shield around me, my glory, the One who lifts my head high

This is what our clients are saying about the difference that the Restore U Seminar makes in their lives…

“Being heard, loved and supported.  Given the opportunity to change my circumstances based on my potential, not where I came from.  People who do not know me were caring for me enough to show me God’s love and remind me I have hope and purpose, by giving me tools and resources to be the person God wants me to be.”


“This seminar really encouraged me.  Broke the seal of depression, grief, and loneliness that I was experiencing.  I feel that I was contacted for this seminar just on time.  I thank God for the people who referred me to God’s Garage, and for all the volunteers I met today.”  


“The knowledge that this ministry exists for women with the depth I witnessed today.  Such hope for so many.  I am uplifted. “


“Knowing I am not alone, it’s okay and I can only go up from here.”


“I have never had a lesson on interviewing.  And I know that will help later.”


“The biggest part that made a difference for me was rededicating my life back to God.  My path right now is blurry, but today I got confirmation that God is working on me to be a better me and a mother.  Also receiving information on budgeting to improve my money skills.”  


“The resources that I learned about, meeting new people and learning about their struggles and different walks of life and knowing how awesome our God is and how faithful His Word is!”

Help Make A Difference

Join our team of volunteers and positively impact the lives of single mothers, widows & wives of deployed military.

Additional Ways You Can Support Our Ministry

Make a monetary donation toward our vehicle repair expenses and training.

We would love to have you become a part of our ministry and family here at God’s Garage. If you are interested in supporting our mission and would like more information, please contact us today!