Volunteer Opportunities

Did you know God's Garage is primarily staffed by volunteers?

If I want to volunteer at God's Garage, what can I do?

We need:
  • Fervent prayer warriors
  • People to pick up donated vehicles
  • Automotive technicians and those willing to learn
  • Landscape crew
  • Facility maintenance team
  • Grant writers
  • Vetting team members
  • Restore U Seminar Team members including:
    • Prayer
    • Warm welcome team
    • Admin help
    • Cooking

Who can volunteer?

Our volunteers come from a wide range of backgrounds:

  • Men & women
  • Singles and couples
  • All education levels
  • Ranging in age from 18 to over 80!

How often are volunteers needed?

We have some volunteers that come 5 days a week, some that come once a week and others that come one time a month.
We share our needs with you and find roles that fit your interests, talents and time.

Volunteer Quotes

  • “Some people have been dealt a very poor hand, and there are times in our lives when we can look back at our own lives and recognize a fork in the road in which things could have gone very differently for us.  We are all one decision away from reversing roles with those we serve.  Being able to assist women in great need of help is very gratifying.” 

    Volunteer and former Golf Pro

  • “I had goosebumps when I saw how many people were re-dedicating their lives to God. When I saw the hands go up, I knew right then that was the reason I was here, because I wanted to help bring others closer to God.”

    Volunteer and EMT

  • “It’s not just volunteer work, but this is a family. I enjoy using my past experiences to help our clients, and to remind them that they are not alone. I am proud to be a team member at God’s Garage.”

    Volunteer and Hairstylist

  • “Much like the women we serve, I have been a single mother 3 different times and faced domestic violence and psychological abuse.  My children and I had to walk, live in the car, and couch-surf.  I have been exactly where our clients are.  Going without has helped me appreciate what I have now.  My life did not get better until I gave my life to Christ.  Now I know focusing on Jesus and the Holy Spirit leads to a transformed life.  I recommend God’s Garage to friends because of the hope that is shared. Hope can bring you up quicker than anything, even a car.”

    Volunteer, Donor and Homemaker

  • “Our clients want to be better mothers and to be able to work and provide for their family, and the car is a new beginning.  It doesn’t get any better than that.”

    Volunteer and Former Teacher

  • “It’s fulfilling to know that these cars get the ladies to the store, doctor, job and park with their children.  Any time you can help someone, it’s a Godsend.  I recommend this volunteer work to anyone who wants to help.”

    Volunteer and Veteran

  • “Helping ladies take control of their life when they had no control of their situation previously makes this such a rewarding effort.  It’s a blessing to be part of this ministry.  The presence of God is here.”

          Volunteer & Retired Engineer

How do I get started volunteering?

Apply using the red button below or by clicking here!

Once you pass the background check, we will contact you by email with information about the next step! 

Help Make A Difference

Join our team of volunteers and positively impact the lives of single mothers, widows & wives of deployed military.

Additional Ways You Can Support Our Ministry

Make a monetary donation toward our vehicle repair expenses and training.

We would love to have you become a part of our ministry and family here at God’s Garage. If you are interested in supporting our mission and would like more information, please contact us today!