His Perfect Timing


It’s such a beautiful thing to experience God answering our prayers in His perfect timing!

Last week we gifted our client, a single mother of three boys, with this ’05 Honda Odyssey. This lady struggled through some turbulent relationships, and she was left with nothing. Additionally, the last several months she has been grieving over the loss of family members all while dealing with her father’s health struggles. Even through all these difficulties she was facing, her faith in God kept her going as she has experienced God’s promise to answer her prayers.

Without a vehicle she has been taking a bus when possible. She found it difficult to ask others for rides, to get where she needed to go, when she could not take the bus. She often felt it was impossible to go on, feeling helpless and desperate and would cry herself to sleep at night. Even though she found herself in some grim times, she registered to go back to school not knowing where the money would come from for expenses. She expressed how she heard the stories of others praying to God for specific resources and He would answer their prayers. She prayed specifically for God’s provision, and He provided exactly what she needed when she needed help.

This vehicle represents freedom for this single mother. She now has the freedom to take care of her family’s basic needs, like attending doctor appointments and going to the grocery store. It also represents empowerment. The vehicle will empower her to seek a part time job while attending school.

She shared her thoughts about our life skills seminar with us, “It was truly encouraging to see other mother’s who still have hope for a better future.” As part of our commitment to the ladies we help, we not only want to assist with transportation issues, but also provide resources and spiritual guidance so that we can help them positively impact future generations.

We would like to extend our appreciation to Clear Channel Outdoor for joining God’s Garage and helping us make a difference in this lady’s life! Without the support of our sponsors, we simply could not do what we do to help single mothers, widows and wives of deployed military in our community. Thank you!

Friends, God’s plan for each of us is so much greater than anything that we could ever imagine that there is no way mere humans could do what we do without Him!

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