The Key to This Vehicle Represents Another Steppingstone to a Brighter Future


This divorced, single mother is raising two children and one grandchild and has been doing so without her own personal vehicle. Like many of the ladies we help, life without a car is challenging and devising a system to get around is difficult. She feels blessed and thankful for her two adult children who have been able to help and work out a system with sharing their transportation between the three of them. – “I am blessed to say the least, grateful for God’s Garage, of course, and for my family and friends.”

For this lady, this car is going to change her life drastically. She shared, “I will finally be able to give my children a break as far as the system we had worked out.”

She was grateful for participation in our Restore U seminar and went on to say, “The seminar was not at all what I expected…I had a blast at the seminar, met very nice and inspirational people there. Though I didn’t think I was going to get gifted a car, I was still grateful for the seminar.”

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