Single Mom with Twins Is Blessed with a Car


We amazed and blessed this single mom, with 8-year-old twins and an adult child living at home, with a car. As an added blessing, several members of her church family with the Woodlands Methodist Church, along with her pastor and many of our volunteers were able to share in her joy as we prayed, in both English and Spanish, with this lady and over her vehicle.

Our client took the time to personally thank and show love to every volunteer, staff member and board member that was present during her gifting, and it was such a pleasure to gift this gracious, single mom a vehicle. We not only experienced that she has a heart as big as Texas, but we also learned that when it comes to giving her time and talents to help others that she gives big too. Her pastor shared with us that after her children were all grown, she stepped up in a big way and adopted 3-week-old twins that needed a home and a mothers’ love. Even without a vehicle and with her own struggles, she continued to give and show up when and wherever she was needed for her church and community. This vehicle will not only allow her to gain her independence, but it will also allow her to continue to do Kingdom work and continue to bless others.

She shared with us how God has been faithful while she has struggled without transportation:  “God always has the best of the best for his children. For me this is a live testimony of a miracle. Amazing angels on Earth is a blessing and testimony for me and my kids, my family and my church.”

This lady’s story is such a good reminder that in the midst of struggles and heartache, God sees you, God hears your prayers and all things come together in his perfect timing!

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