For our client, receiving this vehicle will help her get back and forth to work, college and to her son’s medical appointments. As a young, single mom, with a small child, who has a medical condition, times have been hard without transportation. This vehicle restores her independence; she no longer has to rely on others for rides. Having a car to get around will empower her to finish her education and relieve the stress of worrying about how she will get to classes. Through our Restore U seminar she was inspired, felt heard and experienced God’s Presence.

As an extra special blessing, our client notified us that on the same day she was gifted this car, she received a call from a former employer asking her to come back to work there because one of their clients didn’t want to work with anyone else. What an amazing God Sees Her kind of day!

We are helping to relieve the burden of transportation issues, setting these ladies up for an independent future and sharing the word of God. The work we are doing is making a difference in the lives of single mothers, widows and wives of deployed military throughout Conroe and the Greater Houston area, and we could not do this without the support of our community, volunteers and donors. Thank you, all! A very special thank you goes out to Roadway Lube Plus, LLC for being a great supporter and part of this single mom’s transformation story.

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